Groupe Priorité Travail is a company offering professional specialize assistance in job search and career transition to individuals, as well as customized support services for employers eager to find qualified staff.

Our organization has several mandates to achieve its objectives through the design of a curriculum vitae, personalized support and expert guidance, the balance of skills, job search assistance, placement assistance, social and professional evaluation and collective dismissal.
Groupe Priorité Travail, seriousness and respect for the individual are core values ​​which allows us to stand out and maintain the highest standards of services.

Our commitment:

  • Serve you;     
  • Listening to your needs;    
  • Design appropriate intervention strategies;     
  • Provide coaching and tailored support;     
  • Proceed to the action plan as soon as possible.

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** COVID-19 ** Veuillez noter que l'équipe de Groupe Priorité Travail est actuellement en télétravail, conformément aux directives reçues. Les services continuent toutefois d'être offerts, soit par téléphone et courriel. N'hésitez pas à nous appeler pour toute question au 450 681-4472. Merci de votre compréhension. Pour plus d’information : cliquez sur "DERNIÈRES NOUVELLES"

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